The Best Medicine: Why we need to fire our inner critic and promote our inner child

I love to laugh, anyone who knows me, knows I can be a bit intense, over sensitive but love proper 'feeling like you could throw up' laughing. I'm a giggler... the daftie in the corner with tears running down my face, unable to share what was funny because I can't breathe!

I try to bring laughter into the yoga classes... not like laughter yoga but just a wee story before we get started or something that I describe when in the practice and I love that the class members pick up on that. I see what laughter does, I see the release of tension, the relaxing into the poses a little more, the being softer with expectations, the fun of it and the joy of it.

I struggle with sombre and serious situations. Not sure if it is an Irish thing, but I remember my Dad's brother's funeral and him cracking the kind of lines that my Uncle Dad would have chortled away at. I also remember the look on my mother's face like she would kill the two of us if we didn't sort it out.

I laugh a lot with my wee clan, I love that. Life has so much to stress about and feel fear over, but there is also a lot to feel blessed about, to laugh about, even in the storms, even in the sorrow. I don't mean trivialising anything, but allowing yourself to be daft, to be mischievous, be free to dance, wrestle, skip, swing... ignore the inner critic, listen to the inner child.

Why because laughter:

Boosts immunity

Lowers stress hormones

Decreases pain

Relaxes your muscles