I'd Love It If We Made It

As things start to return normal with the relaxation of some of the lockdown rules in Scotland, I am realising that even though I am 47 and have been here a while, I am learning so much about myself, others and the world.

The lessons for me over the last three months have challenged a lot of my ideas and beliefs about the world.

I have realised that with many conversations around privilege, accessibility and opportunity, that although I have never saw myself as being part of the group who is fortunate I have been ready to justify this position with the ‘but I was poor, but no-one in my family went to college, but I was not safe in my body or my community as a young adult’.

I have realised that this response is largely formed by fear. Fear that my conditioning has blinded me into justifying my position rather than allowing compassion and care for all. Fear that others will decide which camp I am in without forming a real connection with me and seeing/hearing me and allowing me to do the same. Fear that there is so much fear and division caused by media and politicians and rigid views that we will try to act from fear, meaning our children’s children will have all the work to do that we should be doing now.

I’d love it if we made it x

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