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Food for thought...

As you know, I am a plus size yoga teacher and CBT therapist. Over the years I have worked with many people who have struggled with weight, body image, self-esteem and disordered eating from primary school age through to retirement age.

I know how destructive the media, diet product pushers and conditioning can be as the stories of all these beautiful and worthy human beings get tangled in knots of judgement, rejection and the absence of any self-compassion or kindness.

As I have promised, I will promote health at every size, wellness not weight loss, nourishment not punishment. They might seem like ‘buzz words’ for marketing but that is not the case. I am going to live my message. Moving more, nourishing more, healing more.

I wish I could gather up a wee group of people who want to ditch the diets, cast off the calorie counting, make moves instead of the no pain no gain bullshit and work with them as a team to find a way to wellness without guilt, shame or embarrassment. Does peachy yoga need to evolve into something bigger… more? Hmnnnn food for thought! Share your thoughts with me, I would love to know what you think!

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