At first I was afraid...

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

I really was petrified!!! Since starting teaching a few years ago I have been so surprised by how many people have approached or emailed me to say that they would LOVE to give yoga a go but they have been convinced by the yoga landscape and social media that they are not a ‘yoga type’.

At first I was relieved that I was not the only one to feel like this! However, the further I got into my own yoga journey I started to become frustrated with how so many folks have felt marginalised and not acceptable to the mainstream yoga world.

Being faced with a ‘gym’ style class with windows to the corridors, mirrors everywhere and a class full of the same body shape, flexibility and age – honestly turned me off to yoga for weeks, months and years. In truth it terrified me, my body was bigger, curvier, stiffer, older and I didn’t know what I was capable of and these classes wouldn’t let me figure it out.

I wondered if I could train to become a yoga teacher, wondered if I would be accepted in a teacher training class, wondered if I was being totally ridiculous and would be laughed out of there!

Then I found the British Wheel of Yoga course, which was the only validated course which is recognised by Ofqual as a qualification. Many other courses are inhouse and unregulated and from my training background as a CBT Therapist I wanted a course that would reassure my own students that I had dedicated many years to studying this craft and wished to give them the best experience I could offer.

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