Back to the drawing board and mat!

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

So this lockdown has brought with it a range of challenges! Having to pivot everything I do for work, the teaching college students, the supervision of counsellors and therapists and my yoga teaching to an online platform. Between fb, zoom, insta, youtube and sorting my wee DIY website, my brain feels like its literally full to the brim of stuff! And yet... a local business advisor has given me some sound and helpful advice that my website could be far easier to build and maintain if I use a different platform! Marvellous! Whilst this is great advice, I just wish I had it back before I spent so much time learning this one! However, as I take a meta view of this... it feels a bit ironic. I am always challenging my students to adapt, find their sense of grounding in the midst of challenge and lots of other metaphoric wisdom about patience, tolerance and adaptability, so I can't lose my shit about this! So, I'm back to the drawing board and back to the mat! The board will help me switch my content to a better place and the mat will help me move through the feelings, frustrations and resistance that it brings. The mat is more than the stretch, for me it is the place where I come away from my thoughts, my rules, my unhelpful beliefs about what I want when the world isn't going my way and settle into my acceptance how my world really is. I love my mat for this, I love my practice for this and I welcome students old and new to learn more about how we can harness the power of the practice to keep us in the best version of ourselves.

#regularworkout #regularpractice #healthyhabits

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