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Learning to Be Still

I grew up in a rough part of Glasgow, with no real sense of aspirations or goals.  I just didn't want to be there.  


My experiences as a young adult meant I had disconnected from my physical body and had no real acceptance for it.  It was only when I found yoga and the associated practices, I started to truly inhabit my physical self.  Moving towards compassion and self acceptance continues to be a challenge but the more work I do with others and through yoga, the more I find peace and self love.  As a plus size yoga teacher, I hope to reach people of all body shapes and size and offer them an introduction to yoga through beginner's yoga and continuing the journey to a deeper level of connection.

Becoming a yoga teacher was a massive risk for me, knowing that the yoga landscape is not accepting of diverse body shapes or sizes.  It is important for me to change this and make it more accessible and inclusive.


I have a full and busy life which yoga has helped to balance!  I have two grown up children and a springer spaniel.  My husband and I love the outdoors and I have a wee cabin in the woods where I go to rest and recharge and sometimes film yoga!  My biggest achievement was probably setting up Stirling's Crisis Food Bank and Befriending Service which supports 100 families a week.


The work I do as a therapist and teacher also makes a difference to people's lives and my life is richer for it.

I hope my work continues to connect with others so that we can move, breathe, laugh and heal together x



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